lisa"Being a part of the Sacred Circle and working with Mike to identify my 6 Brand Energies was paradigm-shifting. Before I had a sense of who I was and what I stood for; but, after this course, I now have a crystal clear realization of not only what 6 words best encompass how I serve others in the world, but also EXACTLY what they come to me seeking - and that's powerful! Through this course, I learned that when I share my Brand Energies in ALL that I do from a heartfelt place - like my e-newsletters, my courses, my book - that people resonate with my energy and that's what is most impactful. Mike has a brilliant and loving way of bringing together the masculine and feminine aspects of entrepreneurship into easy-to-grasp concepts that can be applied DAILY to my work. This was one of very few courses where I never missed a class. I couldn't get enough of the material and Mike's wisdom!"

Lisa Fraley, JD, Attorney + Legal Coach®

"Clarity. Meets. Soul."

torrie"I've been trying to manifest CLARITY for a loooong time in my business. I knew who I served, how I served, what I created, have helped hundreds of women and have almost 100 private client testimonials, and dozens from my new group program...but something was still off.

In comes Mike Iamele. I recently signed up for his "Sacred Circle" program, which we just had our first class this afternoon...but also...I had a private Sacred Branding Session with him today. Clarity. Meets. Soul.

In ONE, 90 minute session, I was able to heal, fix, transform and ignite the thing I've been TRYING to do since the end of 2012. If any of you need to clear energetic blocks in your business, need more clarity about your soul's mission or want to nail your branding in the most simple way possible, hire Mike ASAP."

Torrie Pattillo, Soul-Alignment Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

"My heart is singing."

maria"I absolutely loved working with Mike. He is so gentle, nurturing and compassionate. At the same time, I really valued his articulation of Sacred Branding and the process - loved it. At the time - I thought I had broken through a few barriers. Doing Mike's work showed me how far I have come and how digging deeper can be more profound and shifting. This work has laid a solid foundation for my business. From understanding the steps, birthing and creating from a place of resonance is a miracle - my heart is singing.

The words that Mike helped me birth depict and articulate my soul calling perfectly. Mike is very inspiring - he has a loving way to encourage you to look within, which opens your heart to possibilities. Everything is divine and just as it should be - he is a professional - I would work with Mike again in a heartbeat. Loved it. Mike blew me away with his old soul, deep resonance.  He gave me permission to just be and appreciate all elements of my life, sacred, divine and pure.

Thank you Mike - it was a true honour to spend this time with you, learning, healing, creating and birthing. I look forward to the next chapter."

Maria Davis, Medical Intuitive

"Well worth it."

harriet"Mike brings the same light & life to his Sacred Circle as he clearly brings to his life, and it has been a pleasure to be part of it. I'll be continuing to integrate and sink into all that's come out of this sacred space together, because it's a lot to take in, wherever you are on your spiritual entrepreneurial journey. I highly recommend this Circle to anyone he invites, it's well worth it. Much love, Harriet"

Harriet Lanka, Owner of Align Spa & Sanctuary
, alignspa.com

"He connected my dots and put my soul's purpose in front of me."

deanna"I just had one of those rare experiences that when it's over you sit and think, "Holy shit. I have never done anything like this before. I loved EVERY minute of it and I have been needing that more than I ever realized."

I did a Sacred Branding Session with Mike Iamele. And, I'm telling you...well, I'm so speechless...I don't even know WHAT to tell you.

The process, the words, Mike...all of it. It was absolutely incredible. He connected my dots and put my soul's purpose in front of me on a white board.

I repeat.

He put my soul's purpose in front of me on a white board.

My soul's purpose on a white board.

So I could SEE it. Clearly.

Life changing.

Deana Welch, Energy Consultant & Healer


"Incredibly validating"

sherri"Mike has this magical way of articulating with us our audience, our context and finally our 6 words that are the embodiment of the core of who we already are. The entire process felt so incredibly validating on so many levels, and the dance between us was beautiful. The time just flew by, and before I knew it, voila, my 6 words emerged from the aethers, and as Mike read them out to me in an authoritative and grounded way that only Mike can do, I felt the words whoosh through every single one of my chakras! It was like a chakra massage and I felt their resonance in my energy centers, truly felt the resonance of the words, not the words themselves, as words are merely containers that capture a vibration, but the essence of the energy contained within them FOR ME. I feel so much more grounded and connected to my audience and the context of my work than I have ever felt and I have Mike to thank for that."

Sherri Hayter, Creative Idealist & Artist

"It will change your life!"

delight"Sacred Circle was a wonderful experience! I learned so much about my business AND myself. I was amazed that the content Mike shared applied to every area of my life, not just my spiritual business.

The first week we uncovered our brand energies, and mine were Open, Light, Clear, Connected, Grounded and Accepted. I cried the first time I read them all together because they really describe everything that I want to be, but I've lived the shadow side of them for most of my life. Weeks after the course has ended, I'm still thinking of these energies every day and intentionally using them to make decisions in my business and personal life.

Other parts of the course were more specifically about running a spiritual business. I loved the exercises that helped me to determine how I work best and what types of activities are in alignment with my Brand Energies.

Overall, this course has been invaluable for me and I look forward to reviewing the content again and staying connected to the Circle in our Facebook group. I highly recommend Sacred Circle because the work is so deep that it will change your life!"

Delight Iverson, Psychic & Angel Card Reader

"Brilliant expertise made simple."

alison"I've been telling everyone spiritually minded about this class and how helpful it has been. I have been on the self-knowledge and spiritual path longer than I have been an entrepreneur businesswoman, and this class brought it all together, wrapped it all up like the best inconspicuous Christmas present under the tree. There's so much clarity here. You will get tons of inspiration and unlock core energies because of Mike's brilliant expertise made simple. Not easy, as delving deep is always a process. I have a deeper understanding of why we are each on the planet. The group was tremendous as well and I was emotionally moved by my matched partner."

Alison Beth Levy, Astrologer

"Incredibly insightful and enlightening."

steph"It came at just the right time for me. I was needing to take a step back from my business and look at it from a more holistic perspective rather than just running after my to-do list day after day. I am so grateful to have been a part of this group and for all the wisdom that you shared with us. I feel like there is still much more for me to dig into in the coming weeks as I deepen my understanding and continue to put the course material into practice. The content calls were all incredibly insightful and enlightening, and the homework worksheets were so helpful for bringing each week's theme into reality. I LOVE the way you put together this course, and made it so inspiring, practical and do-able! You have a true gift for bringing clarity to others and for helping people find and express their unique energies in the world. I wholeheartedly recommend the Sacred Circle to any and all solo-preneurs who are seeking a soulful perspective on their work in the world. You have been such a catalyzing factor for me, causing me to create big shifts in my business and my life -- working with you is pure magic!"

Steph Zabel, Clinical Herbalist & Founder of Herbstalk Herbal Conference, flowerfolkherbs.com

"Truly shamanic."

julie"Sacred Entrepreneurship is like craniosacral therapy in that it relaxes you to remember your true alignment with life and the words, are like vibrational remedies that get to grow in you, lead you, form you. I tried to do it on my own but having Mike's guidance to pull, spot, and read my medicine was truly shamanic. I'm in awe of the beauty of life, as I sit with my words and marvel at the healing nature of every step in the process when we connect with each other and with ourselves."

Julie Sergel, Author and Founder of I Am Citizen Jane