The Sacred Mastermind is a 6-month journey for soulful entrepreneurs and healers who are very serious about discovering and living out their life purpose in the form of a thriving business.

(NOTE that completion of the Sacred Circle Self-Study or live version is a prerequisite for application to this Mastermind.)

This is a path for people who are ready to commit to fully embodying their purpose and are willing to look at their own shadows, blocks, and self-limitations in a safe and intimate group setting.

Since ancient times, tribes have been safe containers to grow, develop, and heal. They are the places where we are most free to be ourselves. To make mistakes. To grow up. To discover our life purpose—the reason we are here on Earth. To give and receive support. To stay connected on the deepest level possible. To fulfill our sacred paths.

In Sacred Mastermind, we are a tribe of the highest order. We are a family, a community, a place to celebrate and grieve. We understand that our work is essential to the world. That all of our work is essential. And that we need to support one another if we are really going to change the world. We recognize the power of laughter and fun and dance and love. We are each other’s mentors, cheerleaders, business coaches, advisors, spiritual counselors, and friends.

We are a sacred circle of high-vibration individuals who are ready to turn our life purposes into thriving businesses, and together change the world.

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