I am so incredibly honored to be sharing this invitation with you right now. It is a deep, deep honor to invite you to journey with us on the Sacred Circle path.

Since the earliest days of humanity, circles have been a symbol of power. Of wholeness. Of completion. They correspond to the cycles of life and nature. They create a safe container for healing and growth. They remind us that everything is connected.

The Sacred Circle is a five-week experience to help you discover your Brand — or your purpose — and build a successful business, relationships, and life around that Brand. It’s part-course content, part-mastermind, and part-energy work. By the nature of the Circle, you can’t be in this work and not have a transformation.

We typically find spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, artists, counselors, and soul seekers attracted to this work. But — truthfully — it is transformational no matter where you are. The Circle has a way of making you face the root of your misalignment, whether it’s money, love, business growth, confidence or what have you.

Our previous Sacred Circles have transformed hundreds of lives. This work enables you to dive through your deepest wounds, desires, and callings in a safe and supportive community of likeminded journeyers.